The Development History of Polo Ralph Lauren Brand

Ralph Lauren is a well-known American casual clothing brand, but also the endorsement of today’s casual fashion field. Polo Ralph Lauren brand was founded in 1968, having 58 years of history. Polo Ralph Lauren Shirts Australia design style inspired by the United States, having integrated romantic, innovative, classic flavour, and its products all have demonstrated the American style, which style is generous and comfortable. It has won the favor of US consumers, thus being famous in the world.

The famous black female talk show host – Oprah Winfrey of the United States had evaluated the founder Ralph Lauren accurately: “Ralph Lauren is not only selling clothes, what he sold is a kind of life that everyone aspire to. Owning Ralph Lauren designed clothes is like that you have tasted the moment that your American dream has achieved……More importantly, he has shown the kind of life described in the story in an approachable way to every American, so that people thought it is not out of reach, and they felt that their life can be better.”

Polo Ralph Lauren has occupied the streets of the United States, anyone’s wardrobe may have had a shirt or sweater. But even so, it may not be enough to describe the heat and breadth of Ralph Lauren.

The first day of Ralph Lauren’s birth is a moving story, as descendants of Polish immigrants Ralph Lifshitz (this is Lauren’s original surname). Life is poor but heart is not poor, his design reflects that he is in penniless but he would like to enter the life of high society. His American dream and fighting soul is the key to victory for Ralph Lauren. After being bullied at school, the 16-year-old boy and his brother decided to change their surname into Lauren. After dropping out from his university, Ralph Lauren chose to create their own clothing empire with borrowed fifty thousand dollars.

Unlike the suits of American successful image, Ralph Lauren is taking a new England gentleman style. And coupled with the work of Brook Brothers, Ivy Style has become a typical design of Ralph Lauren. In 1967, Ralph Lauren who was started from the tie established his same name brand. He said in an interview: “My mark has always been equestrian players, because I love the sport, and equestrian has excellent fashion sense.” In 1970, the brand began to have a complete line of clothing, starting with men styles and then women styles, later extending to the world-famous polo shirt, and the first collection is 24 colors, the extension of polo shirt is undoubtedly a kind of salute to equestrian sports.

In 1974, Ralph Lauren designed men costumes for the film “The Great Gatsby“. With his neutral wave of look repeatedly mentioned in the film, Polo Ralph Lauren jump to the pinnacle of career.

In 2008, Ralph Lauren officially signed with the United States Olympic Games to design the United States Olympic uniforms. Even not to be optimistic at first, but Ralph Lauren is undoubtedly one of the most representative of the core of American culture. Fashion curator Emma McClendon pointed out, Ralph Lauren brand DNA deeply rooted in American culture. And the Main line and Vice-line of Ralph Lauren have launched many sports attire, so for Ralph Lauren brand, producing Olympic uniforms is quite right.

Today, Ralph Lauren has already achieved his dream of life, and for countless people to bring his own understanding of life style and attitude. Polo Ralph Lauren Australia has been doing its best to create the best to meet those who are in favor of it, which is the belief of development all the time, and to bring more possibilities and surprises for fashion industry.